The alumni of International Christian High School are important. Our alumni base is our history; they remind us of where our school has come from.

Mrs. Kelley, a teacher at ICHS for the better part of the past 45 years, recently shared that sentiment. As our graduates continue to make an impact in various fields around the world, just as they have been doing for more than 50 years, we desire to strengthen our connection to one another. We believe that to see ICHS be at its best in carrying out its mission, it takes our entire community: students, parents, faculty, and you, our alumni. Prior to explaining how you can join our alumni network, first I’d like to show you how our mission of being academically-excellent, Christ-centered, and internationally engaged, is still being applied.

When walking through the halls of International Christian High School, it is not uncommon to see our diverse student body talking and laughing together. Some things may have changed since you attended ICHS, such as our name and location, but we remain committed to cultivating a safe environment for our students that is rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a result, the relationships formed in the classroom between students and between students and teachers continues to be like that of a family. Hear how a few students explain the culture of ICHS:

As a 9th grader at ICHS I was nervous but quickly made friends. This surprised me since I am shy and do not make friends easily. – current 11th grader

Prior to attending ICHS I moved a lot and never attended school regularly. Now I am experiencing stability, forming relationships, and learning more about the Lord. – current 9th grader

My English teacher is a mentor to some girls. She has a lot of wisdom that is always pointing back to God. I appreciate that we can get to know our teachers and they allow us to think about our own opinions. – current 10th grader

As you read these brief reflections maybe you are reminded of your own time at ICHS. Whether a teacher made a lasting impact on your life, or you made friendships that have stood the test of time, or your relationship with the Lord grew tremendously we hope you are proud of your time at our school.


This month, 24 more students will join you as graduates of ICHS, and as representatives of the history of our school. Yet, we hope that you and the class of 2021 will become more than just a part of ICHS’ history, but also active participants in the FUTURE of our school. This summer we are establishing an alumni network. Through this network our alumni will be able to reconnect with ICHS and ICHS will be able to reconnect with you. We are developing various connection points including a quarterly email newsletter and service and networking opportunities. To help us reconnect, we invite you to click on the Alumni button below or visit to fill out our alumni form. We look forward to advancing the work of the Lord together through ICHS as one community.


With great appreciation,

Daniel Gutekunst, Development Operations Manager

P.S. We would love to host you and a friend for a ministry tour and lunch at ICHS. Please email

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